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We are the BalatonBros!

We’re running 194km (120.5 miles) in 4 days to raise awareness for men’s health.

Lake Balaton is the largest lake in central Europe. It’s 194.2 km around the lake; and the two of us have decided this is something we wanted to run around in 4 consecutive days, this September.

We don’t like running. We both have dodgy knees. And we have a combined total of zero marathons under our belts. And so the prospect of running 30 miles a day for 4 back-to-back days is one that wakes us in the night sweating. (The screaming will come as the date gets closer).

But after losing someone very special as a result of Prostate Cancer, we wanted to try our best (and push ourselves damn hard) to raise some money and more importantly some awareness for this condition.

There are plenty of facts about the condition at https://uk.movember.com … but simply put, every single hour of every day in England alone, 1 man dies from Prostate Cancer.

We can’t describe how needed any support you can give is; whether giving the few quid you’d spend on your next coffee for Movember’s research to continue, and/or giving us abuse and banter on our website while we try and get in shape. Thank you for reading, and have a smashing day!


The BalatonBros

(Gaz and Mike)


Pain is subjective.

Therein lies a meaty problem. Ever the over-thinker and purveyor of over-complicating the uncomplicated; my latest obsession is analysing the pain I have felt since starting to run; a fixation which now consumes a good proportion of each day. The pain in my knees and...

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Movember: TrueNTH

The Movember Foundation have this global initiative, called ‘TrueNTH‘ where they are tackling critical areas of prostate cancer care.

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