Let me share with you a little bit of information about the great things our buddies over at Movember are doing.

The Movember Foundation have this global initiative called ‘TrueNTH‘ (pronounced TrueNorth), where they are tackling critical areas of prostate cancer care. By working with some of the top academics around the world, they are trying to identify and demonstrate the best and most cost-effective models for improving prostate cancer survivorship care and support.

TrueNTH seeks to significantly improve the lives and experiences of men with prostate cancer, as well as the experience of their partners, carers and family members.”

Obviously, this is a topic very close to my heart, and something affecting many many people around the world. It’s just another example of the FANTASTIC work being done by the boys and girls at Movember, and it makes us even more proud to be running for them this September.

Check out their video below: